iOS 7 Vulnerabilty - Lockscreen Security Compromised | Anyone Can Bypass and Hack iPhone

Hey Folks,
Yesterday iOS Released. After people's mixed reaction still iOS getting Good Reviews. But Today

Jose Rodriguez, a 36-year-old soldier living in Spain’s Canary Islands, has found a security vulnerability in iOS seven that permits anyone to bypass its lockscreen in seconds to access photos, email, Twitter, and more. He shared the technique with ME, beside the video on below.

As the video shows, anyone will exploit the bug by swiping up on lockscreen to access the phone’s “control center,” and so gap the timepiece. Holding the phone’s sleep button brings up the choice to power it off with a swipe. Instead, the unwelcome person will faucet “cancel” and double click the house button to enter the phone’s multitasking screen. that provides access to its camera and keep photos, beside the power to share those photos from the user’s accounts, primarily permitting anyone UN agency grabs the phone to hijack the user’s email, Twitter, or Flickr Account.

"Rodriguez includes a journal of finding lockscreen bypass bugs in iOS, several of that he says he mammary gland up whereas killing time in his previous job as a driver for presidency officers. “I had lots of your time to seem at the scenery, break the phone or write poetry whereas anticipating my boss, and that i don’t write poetry and already knew the landscape by memory,” he tells ME via instant message and Google translate. therefore he spent hours “trying everything that goes through my head…I submit my iPhone to cruel strategies of torture.”"


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