7 Windows Phone Apps that you should have in your iPhone & Android

Hey frnzz,
although Microsoft is in top of critics, but no one can refuse that there are few good things about Microsoft's Windows Phone Apps.

so here are few windows apps that should be in your iPhone or Android phone if you don't have Windows Phone.

1. Skype :
Very well known by user . Use for video calling ,IM & Calling facilities .

2. One Note :
Allow user to store notes .

3. Office :
Office utility app include MS Excel,Powerpoint,Word etc.

4. Xbox Music :
Microsoft's Music Store App.


5. Skydrive :
Cloud Storage where you can upload anything directly from your phone 

6. Xbox SmartGlass :
Use to control your xbox using your phone without use of your xbox controller.

Available @ Apple iTunes Store  & Google Play Store

7. Halo Waypoint :
Use to monitor your character progress in multiplayer gaming.
best application ever for multiplayer gamers.



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